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Get me out of here...

We had a great day on our school tour to Rascal's Play Centre in Kiltimagh!


We have been learning all about insects and earthworms in S.E.S.E and we made an Earthworm World during Art!


It was such beautiful weather that we decided to enjoy the sunshine by having a picnic in the sensory garden and going to the playground as a treat!


We had a great time with Helena the storyteller who told us some stories and got us all involved pretending to be lots of different things, even monsters!



We had great fun drumming with Anthony today. We learnt that the drums came from Africa and they are called Djembe's. We even learnt a bit of Swaheli! 

Junior Infants were learning how to make rice krispie buns as part of their procedural writing this week so we made some for the whole class to enjoy!


We were busy planting cress seeds and watching them grow!


We enjoyed our hot school meals today!


Our class was very lucky on the last day of term as Ms Keane organised an Easter Egg hunt in the Sensory Garden. We had to find 36 Easter Eggs!! We were brilliant and found them all!


We had 'Show and Tell' on our last day of term before the Easter holidays. We all brought in our favourite thing from home and told the whole class all about it!!



We had some little furry visitors to the school! A big thankyou to Pat Lally, Michael and Callum for organising the visit!!


We have been learning all about St. Brigid.


Junior and Senior Infants have been busy learning all about Penguins in S.E.S.E this week and made some colourful pictures of them too!


We have been learning all about the weather in Irish and Geography. We learnt a new poem called Pitter Patter Raindrops and made some lovely pictures of umbrella's in the rain that we showed the school in assembley.



Science week!


Happy Halloween!!


Some reptiles came to visit!!












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