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Get me out of here...

We learnt all about Pablo Picasso. We looked at his paintings and then we created our own art inspired by Picasso.


We have been learning about symmetry and fractions in Maths. For art we painted on 1 half of our page. Then we folded the other half on top and created these amazing pictures!


We have been learning about mini beasts and all about the features of Report Writing. We wrote these wonderful reports on butterflies!



This month for science we are learning about water.  As part of our exploration of this topic we had fun learning about floating and sinking. We managed to make boats from Blutak that could float!



Fun in the snow!

We have been learning all about China. We really worked hard together to produce these wonderful projects and we presented them to each other in the class. 


We have been learning about length. We have been using non standard measure and standard measures.

We discovered that the width of our classroom is 312 cubes!


 We were busy modelling with clay today. After lots of fun experimenting with the clay we made some Christmas decorations.


We have been studying data in Maths. We conducted our own surveys, tallied the responses and drew a bar chart to show the results.


We really enjoyed researching and sharing our science experiments during Science Week!

Thursday's science challenge was to make play dough float!!


Drama in Irish : We have been practicing the Irish we have learnt by performing dramas. Bhí an craic againn sa bhialann!


We have been exploring sounds using percussion instruments. We explored the dynamics of fast, slow, loud and quiet.


We went on an Autumn leaf hunt. We ticked off the leaves we found.


We asked our parents and grandparents about card games they played. We learnt how to play some of them. So much fun!



Maths is fun! We have been learning about numbers by playing dice games.


We have been learning all about our locality. We love our abbey, our school, our pitch and our playground!


Proud of our work : The children have worked so hard this year and are proud of what they have achieved!


Great fun was had by everyone at the aquirium in Galway for the end of year school tour!


Our Second Class visited Ballintubber Abbey. They are preparing for their First Holy Communion ceremony which will take place on Saturday 20th May 2023.


Some reptiles came to visit!


 In Ukraine you bring treats to class to celebrate your Birthday!



































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